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For placing orders please use the information on this page or by visiting us in person.

Due to the visual construction, customization and file-sharing nature of our business, we do not manage orders over the phone. Things we can do and links to items and catalogs can be found at the "Items & Catalogs" page of our website.

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Inquire about placing an order (or just to contact us) here!

*Quotes and inquiries on engraving personal items must be done in person with the item in hand*

*We can not engrave firearms or firearm parts.*

*If inquiring about pricing on columned trophies please include the following to help us provide a more accurate quote

     1. Number of columns for each trophy (1,2,3 or 4)

     2. Overall size for each trophy

     3. Color of columns

     4. A general idea of what you would want the gold figure topper to be

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