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Notable Yearly Office Closings:

(still working remotely and available by appointment, if able)

The first two weeks of July.

The first Friday of August.

The week of Thanksgiving.

The two weeks of Christmas &

New Years Day.

Walk-In Hours

Wednesdays - 11am to 5pm

Thursdays - 11am to 5pm

Fridays - 11am to 5pm

Mondays & Tuesdays - Remotely Working

Closed on Weekends

We are always available via e-mail at or through the

Order/Contact page of this website for placing orders or

inquiring about off hours appointments.

We will post future closings here. We apologize for any last minute, unexpected and un-posted closings.

Being a small business, sometimes (very rarely) things pop up unexpectedly and we must close with little to no notice.

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