Most Popular Items

These are some of the most popular items we can produce. They don't scratch the surface of what we can do,

but are a excellent starting point for your project.

If you like, but don't love the look of one of these items we can help you find something similar.

Other products we carry can be found at the following links. Contact the store at for pricing.
Angled cut acrylic. base may vary.
Apex series acrylic with red highlights and base. Also comes in green and blue with different sizes.
Mahogany finish desk/shelf clock. Many other styles of clock available.
Red satin pattern acrylic. Also comes in blue and different sizes.
A6804                                              A6916
Rectangle and tidal wave acrylic
on mahogany finish base.
Octagon series acrylic with rosewood piano finish base and post with gold accents.
Flame series acrylic with rosewood piano finish base and sides, with gold accents
Arch series acrylic with rosewood piano finish base.
Flame series clear acrylic with black background. Different sizes & colors available.
A more practical way to give an award. We can engrave most provided drinkware and can provide options as well!
Diamond series acrylic
with red border and black background.
Medal that comes in various sports and academic achievements in gold, silver, and bronze.
Medals can also be engraved on the back and come with a colored neck ribbon.
Different styles available.
Wood plaques come with a gold or silver plate with unlimited wording and/or logos. Most common sizes are as follows:
5X7  |  6X8  |  7X9  |  8X10  |  9X12  
Different wood styles available.
Columned trophies are 100% customized. Pricing varies due to size, figures, number of columns, and plate engraving. Come in 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns styles.
Brass plaques come in many different styles  and shapes and many different types of wood from piano finish to genuine walnut to solid black.
They give a more professional look
with the black plate and gold lettering.
The most common sizes are as follows:
7X9  |  8X10  |  9X12
See TROPAR link above and click "PLAQUES" for
sizes and styles.


Name tags come in plastic or metal and can be custom cut to any size with either a magnetic or pin clasp.

The most popular sizes are 3.25''X1.25'' in metal and 3''X1'' in plastic.

Metal name tags come in silver, gold, or white and include unlimited text and/or logos.

Plastic name tags come in dozens of colors (contact store for details) and can only incorporate certain logos.


Name plates can also be custom cut, but the most popular sizes are 2X8 or 2X10.

Most common color pairing is black plastic with white lettering but just with like name tags,

dozens of other color combinations are possible such as gold with black lettering or woodgrain print with white lettering.


The stamps we can create are self-inking stamps.

We no longer make rubber stamps with a handle that require pressing on an ink pad before imprinting.

Please contact the store for sizing options and pricing for all stamps.


We can create metal or plastic plates and signs custom cut to fit your project.

These can be used for picture framing, shadow boxes, dedication pieces, in memorial items, industrial tags,

commercial organization, mailbox identifiers, fantasy football trophies and much more.

Pricing is based on material and size.